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At the Foundation for a Better Economy, we believe it's time to upgrade America's financial operating system. Modern technology has allowed our nation to build an incredible production engine, but our financial system is holding us back. The solutions on this site appeal to both conservatives and liberals. And, they benefit the rich and poor - and everyone in between. 

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Payments tax

By taxing the flow of money instead of select sources like income, the tax rate can be dropped to less than 1%, while raising enough revenue to eliminate the national debt and pay for various benefits.


A payments tax of two tenths of one percent (0.2%) could fund guaranteed retirement, and free or highly discounted healthcare and college.

Universal Basic Income

In addition to other benefits, a payments tax generates the revenue to pay a basic income of $24,000 per year to all adult citizens.

Banking 2.0

If the Federal Reserve becomes publicly owned and banks work as intermediaries for the Federal Reserve, inflation is slowed, interest rates are eliminated, and bank failures become a thing of the past. 



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